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Con Artist at Work

December 07, 2013  •  8 Comments

My Weekend Walk took me along the river Seine in Paris. My most favourite city. The last week I walked miles and miles with my camera. I feel creatively refreshed but my feet are aching like mad! 

I've mentioned previously that I've been the victim of pickpockets in Paris a fair few times. I was determined it wasn't going to happen this time!

This lady hissed and swore at me after I failed to play along with her. She moved across the busy road and I witnessed her in action with my zoom lens. She threw a 'gold' ring on the floor and then pretended to find it and offered it to the people approaching. Like me, this man had seen it all before! 

So she moved on to the next couple. There are two takes on this trick. If the person is gullible and accepts the ring then the lady would pester them for money in exchange for the so-called 'gold' ring ( read that really to be 'brass'!). Alternatively, she distracts them with the ring by showing them the so-called hallmark whilst the child picks their pocket.

This took an unusual twist. She took their camera from them and took their photograph! At this point I honestly thought she was going to run off with their camera! I wanted to shout out but they were too far away. Thankfully she didn't. I hope their pockets had not been picked!

I find it irritating being pestered time and time again by suspicious individuals. But most of all I find it upsetting that a mother can subject her child to this behaviour. 

I hope you found my walk interesting! Plenty more on Paris to come! 

I'd love you to show me where you've been this past week.




Well documented! But a sad game they play.
Robyn Greenhouse(non-registered)
I have one of those so called "gold" rings as a momento from our trip to Paris. We felt bad and started to give the man money, then he demanded we give him more! After that we were prepared and moved away quickly!
Kelly McKenzie(non-registered)
My friend's daughter is studying in Paris. She had her cell phone stolen and fortunately she and her friends got it back by tackling and then sitting on the fellow who stole it!
Love that you were able to take photos of the ring lady. Sadly, I bet the child did manage to lift something from their pockets.
Susan W(non-registered)
I'm shocked to see how people can use children like this. Probably not shocked, I know it's being done, but how sad for the child. On the other hand, I do like the black and white and vintage frames.
What a fun and different capture for your walk this week. I totally hate being pestered by people like that, I am wise to it, but Glen is a little more challenged and probably too nice.
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