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A Stroll Through the Middle Ages

August 30, 2013  •  5 Comments

English Heritage had a series of Medieval Days across the country in it's old castles and ruins over this last long Bank Holiday weekend. My plans to visit didn't materialise so here's my visit to a recent Medieval Fayre at Tatton Park in Cheshire.

Stepping back in time... such interesting characters hanging around!

Merry medieval music! He sang his heart out. 

Historic Trader with a modern twist... credit cards welcome!

All sorts of games which seemed to involve slinging balls from sticks and shooting arrows!

This man really played his peasant part well. He was so disgustingly filthy!

Plenty of entertainment. These knights were superb ... so skilled - it was mainly choreographed ... but not always!

The day ended with a battle re-enactment. From what I could gather, it was a feud over cattle as was often the case in those days!

The women stood on the battlefield ready to refresh the men with mead.

I liked the archers - they were having so much fun with their bows and arrows.

Battle in full swing. It looked chaotic but they're very precise in what they do.

Oh my turned nasty towards the end!

Atmospheric smoke!

The End. But I don't think the man dressed in white in the foreground is taking his part seriously!

I only recently discovered the popularity these re-enactment events. People spend their weekends in  their medieval camp sites across the country and really get into medieval life. It looks such fun. A great stress-buster perhaps?

Hope you enjoyed my visit to Medieval England. Weren't they characters?! Don't think I would've liked living in those times though!

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For info on English Heritage click here!

I'd love you to join in my Weekend Walk Link Up. The link will stay open all week so feel free to add at any time. Enjoy your time out with your camera. I'm planning on visiting one of my favourite places to take photos - Victoria Baths in Manchester - a restoration project.




Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
This reminds me of the annual Renaissance Festival every summer here in Larkspur, Colorado. More Medieval than Renaissance though.

A feast for the imagination, eh?

How interesting Helen. I'm afraid our times are really not much different. LOL
Love these reenactments we often have them in Taunton but it is the Civil War era here as Taunton started off as a Parliamentarian town but swapped sides depending who invaded them !!!
Catherine Hubmann(non-registered)
Fascinating! Someone puts a lot of time into the details and costumes! Love how you captured this!
Maybe the guy in white was rethinking his choice of costume color :) So fascinating to watch.
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