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Nostalgia Weekend Walk Link Up

August 23, 2013  •  7 Comments

I was apprehensive about visiting the 1940s Festival at Lytham St Annes in Lancashire last weekend - I think it was the 2nd World War connection. I suppose I was unsure what to expect. It turned out to be a very interesting event. Indeed a  feast for the eyes for photographers. 

There were vintage stalls galore, memorabilia, clothing and shoes. Even a hairdresser!

The display of authentic items from the 1940s was very popular. You could hear the constant murmur of people reminiscing. Mondays were always washdays. How on earth did they manage? Love the clothes on the washing line!

The Fairy brand of washing powder is still going strong today!

Who remembers mangles? Scary items!

My grandma packed eggs on the local farm. Sometimes my mum helped out  - she collected the cracked eggs... the fresh ones were sent to the local bakery! She sniffed out the rotten ones... yuck!

Cleaning plane windows...

A section was dedicated to wartime military camps. So poignant. It was interesting to see German and Russian items alongside the US and British.

War time rations. 

Replica and restored military vehicles were on display. 

The medics. The Arnham map I found particularly moving. So many lives lost in the Battle of Arnham in 1944 - sons, husbands, sweethearts...

A battle re-enactment took place later in the day. I didn't stay for this but saw a display of weapons earlier. I have no interest at all in weapons but I enjoyed watching the characters participating. For anyone who is familiar with UK sitcoms this reminded me of a scene from Dad's Army! 

Having a blast! 

Reflecting...  Reflections in a vintage car.

And finally, back to the present with a selfie  reflected in the wheel of  an impressive vintage 1942 Chrysler!

Hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me! Have you been out and about with your camera?  I'd love you to add your link below - it'll stay open all week. 

Have a great weekend! I'm planning on heading to the hills.



Oh my, what an inspiration. So glad I found this and I'm certainly going to have to figure out how to join in on the fun. I'm needing a muse of sorts and this just might be it. Wish I had seen this at the beginning of this short summer...but it might give me a reason to get out and about during winter...if even to indoor spots. We actually have a reenactment coming up this weekend and next so i will have to get to one to see if it is filled with these wonderful things also.
Cathy H.(non-registered)
Your images touched me; made me think about how fortunate I am not to have lived through such devastating times. I love the vintage look of your photos. My favorite is wash day, brings back memories of my grandmother.
A Flash of Inspiration
Cindy There was an entertainment marquee with singers tribute singers but it was packed solid with people and I couldn't get close to take photos. They were also playing old songs including Vera Lynn over the loudspeakers at the event - it was very nostalgic.
What a wonderful photographic opportunity, you have taken some superb photos. My uncles parachuted into Arnham, I would love to have seen the hairdresser, I have often wondered how they did those styles.
Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
This was a treat joining you at the 1940s Festival. You captured some amazing images - nicely edited too, so it feels like we are actually back in time. I am fascinated by times like these - the prime of life for my parents. I am reminded of Vera Lynn, whom my husband and I saw twice in concert in Toronto in the early 1980s...he's sentimental like that too.

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