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An Excuse to Buy Bacon and Sausages

September 27, 2013  •  11 Comments

An unexpected sunshine-filled day at the weekend offered the perfect opportunity to go walking on the beautiful Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire  - grand home to the 12th Duke of Devonshire. And of course - as always-  it's a good excuse to visit the  estate farm shop for delicious Chatsworth cured bacon and sausages. We like to work up a healthy  appetite walking and then have an unhealthy  fry up when we get home.... but my oh my it's the best!

I noticed this memorial stone for the 'previous' Duke of Devonshire. I hadn't realised it was almost 10 years since his death. it doesn't seem long ago since he visited our local scout group for the centenary celebrations. Thinking back, I'm not even sure how he came to be there... 

photo of stone in memory of the duke of devonshire chatsworth derbyshire The crowds flocked to Chatworth House so we decided to give it a miss this time and headed for the peaceful  river which flows through Chatsworth Park. I spotted a ruined mill through the trees - funny how I'd never noticed it before.

photo of derelict mill in chatworth park chatsworth derbyshire

The corn mill dates back to 1760 and was designed by James Paine - I came across his name elsewhere recently but can't recall where. It was supposedly  built to enhance the landscape.  A fallen tree had completely demolished the roof.. I think if I had the wealth of the family I'd  enjoy restoring it. If I ever win the lottery I have my eye on a local historic pub I'd like to restore... open a tea room... vintage emporium...heritage centre. 

photo of ruined mill chatsworth park chatsworth derbyshire Stones, shapes and sky...

photo of ruined mill in chatsworth park chatsworth derbyshire Ferns peeping out from the stonework...

photo of ruined mull at chatsworth park chatsworth derbyshire Hidden around the back is a mill stone - I presume the original one. 

photo of mull stone at ruined mill chatsworth park chatsworth derbyshire The workings of the mill lie hidden behind  this iron work.

photo of ruined mill at chatsworth park chatsworth derbyshire Water from this river was diverted across to the mill.  All that remains by the mill is a feeble trickle.

photo of river running through the chatsworth estate derbyshire I'm always on the lookout for shadows and reflections. I like the way the light falls on blades of grass.

photo of shadow on grass of ruined mill at chatsworth mill derbyshire I scrambled up the embankment  to view this impressive mound of fungi! 

photo of fungi under tree by ruined mill at chatsworth park derbyshire The Estate is around 1000 acres. It was designed by Capability Brown. It struck me that the landscape is unusual in that all the trees look so neat. I noticed that the deer nibble the foliage and keep the trees perfectly trimmed!

photo of deer at chatsworth park derbyshire

We stopped at this perfect park bench to have a picnic - scotch eggs and freshly pressed pear juice. The deer were basking in the sunshine. So tranquil.

I hope to visit Chatsworth House very soon - there's a Beyond Limits Sculpture Exhibition in the gardens organised by Sotherby's  which looks well worth visiting. I hear the latest Duke is a huge collector of modern art.

Hope you liked my walk. The sausages and bacon were delicious.

Enjoy your weekend! I'd love to see where you've been with your camera -  why don't you join in the link-up below?  If you're stuck for ideas, why not go out looking for shadows?


Check out Chatsworth Farm Shop here





So many black and white beauties here! I love your eye, Helen...
hi Helen
just popping in to say that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award the details are on my blog
Cathy H.(non-registered)
You have such interesting and beautiful places to explore! I love how you processed your images. My favorite is the old mill stone. You've made me feel like I've traveled back in time!
I just found your blog and your photo walk. I love it.
Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
What a fascinating, beautiful estate! Your detail shots are - as usual - give a real feel for the place. I like your choice of tinted b&w too: it puts the focus on textures, shapes, lines etc.

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