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Jacuzzi Fifties Style

September 13, 2013  •  4 Comments

When there were not so many visitors around following the recent celebrations to commemorate 10 years since the win on the BBC's Restoration programme, I couldn't resist taking  another visit to one of my favourite rooms at the Victoria Baths  in Manchester. Most people rush past the door in their eagerness to visit the main pool areas. But this is a hidden gem - The Room With The Intriguing Aerotone!

The red brick makes great rich reflections on the steel. I love the feel of this room - so many contrasts. And I bet the walls have seen some sights here!

In 1952 the first Aerotone in the country was installed here at Victoria Baths. It's an early form of a Jacuzzi and was considered very therapeutic.

I think I'd find it claustrophobic lowering myself into this vat! 

And perhaps a little uncomfortable perching on this stool!

A controller set the water temperature and force of the jets. It looks quite complicated and a responsible job - one needing plenty of concentration! You wouldn't want to make an enemy of the controller! 

It was not unknown for bathers to add bubble bath foam when the controller left the room. There are reports of the soap expanding rapidly and bubbling over the top and across the floor!

The different knobs, levers and dials are fascinating. 

I reckon  at the time this would've been seen as very high tech and revolutionary! 

The light streaming in through the stained glass window on the metal - I knew it'd make a great monochrome shot.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to this fab restoration project! I hope to show you the totally unrestored "The Attendant's Apartment " soon. Victoria Baths is open through to November and closes over the winter months as there is no heating installed. - there are plenty of events on over the next few weeks  from Vintage Fairs to Beer Conventions...

I discovered a great vintage video showing The Aerotone in action via British Pathe Films -click here - worth taking a look!

Hope the link-up works.. I've had a fair few technical glitches with it today after the site host made some "improvements" ... except they made my site worse  ... I'm now needing to go and lie down in a darkened room! lol.


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Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
This is just fascinating! It has an appealing quaint-but-eerie feel. Thankfully more quaint than eerie though. Love the old Pathe film - and website!

Viv Halliwell(non-registered)
Love your monochrome shot what a truly fantastic place to visit I'm envious !!
Extremely interesting! I would get claustrophobic climbing in there too.Love that black and white!
That thing looks so deep, and yes much too close for me. A little weird with a person at the controls while you are in that thing. Great pictures though and as always love the history behind it.
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