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Beauty in Decay

April 22, 2014  •  4 Comments

"I'm attracted to decay , I suppose in a way, to ugliness too. A derelict house gets me in"

Artist LS Lowry


In a way, I'm attracted to decay too. 

Out of view from visitors, I have odd stems of flowers in various states of decay scattered around my house. It's fair to say that if I'm given a bouquet of flowers I certainly gain money's worth from them!

 I love crinkled roses, brittle seed pods and delicate skeleton-like shrivelled leaves. I love the vintage shabby chic look of faded irregular-shaped petals. So much texture and structure. 


GerberaGerberaA beautiful grungy shabby chic gerbera! Glorious in decay.


Each distressed flower holds a vivid memory for me. The roses my son gave me when he graduated from university as a thank you for keeping him motivated when revision became overwhelming…the strangely dyed two-toned purple chrysanthemums given to me last mothers day… the crinkled tulips I bought for myself from the garden centre when I felt desperate to see the colours of spring after a grey winter...

What do you think? Can you see beauty in decay too?




I think the older we get the more we appreciate the aged things in life. And as photographers we gave the eyes to see the beauty.
Helen you should see my studio, I have several Tulips in stages of decay . I too love the aged and shriveled.
Diana Foster(non-registered)
Beautiful image.
Decay makes my heart sing. Not sure what that says about me, except that nothing is perfect and I am tired of looking for perfection.
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