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Out To Sea

April 19, 2014  •  5 Comments

In solitude, we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the detail around us. 

Virginia Woolf

Photo looking out to sea



Being by the sea I often feel a strong urge to be alone, to stroll along the shoreline, sit on a rock, look out across the water and contemplate. I love the mesmerising sound of the sea.

Simple pleasures are good for the soul.

My Weekend Walk took me to a place I don't visit often enough. 

Have you taken time out just for yourself this week? 

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I'm in love with the sailboat picture!
Thank you Helen for your visit to my blog...seems I'm late to getting to love Paris...and France...really but this trip did it for me...
Also so glad to find you here...I didn't know..
And yes I try to take a bit of time for myself each's good for the soul.
Such a beautiful seascape...I also live by the sea and enjoy solitude amongst the chaos every once in awhile...
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Just last week I popped down to the beach. Have to admit though that I do tend to take the mountains and ocean here for granted. Thank you for yet again inspiring me to look at them in a different light.
We don't have a sea but we have a BIG lake and feel the same way. A great place to be alone and think and listen and see.
Such a peaceful image! I, too, love the sound of the ocean; it is so soothing. I love the sound of flowing water--waterfalls, the lake, the ocean. It's all so peaceful.
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