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Rambling around Edale

May 10, 2014  •  7 Comments

If you see the world as beautiful, thrilling and mysterious, as I think I do, then you feel quite alive.

David Hockney

A pesky virus has zapped my energy. It was such an effort to get off the sofa and out with my camera for my Weekend Walk but so glad I persevered.

Edale is a little village nestled in a valley in the Peak District of Derbyshire. It's a paradise for walkers to explore -so many quality routes to follow. The village is at the southern-most point of the 267 mile Pennine Way, known as the 'backbone of England' ( although it briefly crosses into Scotland) - one of the most popular walks in the country. Kinder Scout - location of the famous Mass Trespass in 1932 lies nearby too. 

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District


As I headed through the village I spotted a quaint, but expensive cottage with a holiday letting for sale. Now, if only I had the money Would you holiday here?! 

Can you spot the Rookery on the right just beyond the graveyard?

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District I headed through woodland and over a river in the direction of Grinsbrook. 

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District Once out of the sheltered wooded area the path opens out onto moorland. The sky here is so vast with interesting cloud formations. Imagine how bleak this landscape is in winter. The path splits off. To the right is a climb up to the Kinder Plateau.

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District I  took the easier flatter option!

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District

I came across a cluster of trees unusually encircled by traditional dry-stone wall. photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District This is one of my favourite spots with the lone tree. In summer months I kick off my boots and go for a paddle! Always cold but very refreshing!

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District I regret not reaching here much earlier in the day. The rich colours glow at sunrise and sunset.

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District My legs wouldn't allow me to venture much further. But if your continue you're rewarded with views of wind-swept rock formations which are hauntingly beautiful especially in a gentle mist. They remind me of Henry Moore's sculptures. I recall that his work was inspired by the landscape. I'll seek them out another day - so atmospheric. 

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District Feeling a little breathless, I headed back down towards the village. The cafe was calling me!

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District I hope my next visit will take me up the zig-zag path and up onto the ridge. That's the plan! Make sure I keep to it! 

photo of walk near Edale in the Peak District

I worked up a hunger for a sausage butty  followed by local Bakewell Tart. And I finished off my husband's date and banana cake too! This is the first food I've enjoyed in a while - I lost half a stone when the virus took hold. 

photo of walk at Edale in the Peak District

Remember the rookery from earlier? A perfect subject for a silhouette shot! The noisy scene reminded me of Hitchcock's The Birds

The Rookery Edale in the Peak DistrictThe Rookery

I hope you enjoyed my very gentle ramble at Edale. I'll return and take you further onto the heather-covered moors!

I really encourage you to take some time out just for yourself and take in the fresh air. I'd love to see where you've been this week. Please add your link (URL)  in the comments box - and I'd be grateful if you give me shout out ( oops …careful… spellcheck changed this to 'shootout'!!)

Enjoy the week ahead! A mixed forecast here so I'm not sure if I'll be venturing to the countryside or into the city.

PS Photography Points to Ponder:

  • I love my Black Rapid camera strap - so very easy on my neck- but it's such a nuisance removing it to use with a tripod... even with the Black Rapid tripod attachment.
  • I love my Manfrotto tripod but I'm finding it heavy to carry. Wondering if it's worthwhile buying the carbon fibre version?

Both these points are holding me back from delving further into landscape photography. Any suggestions?


Jill Sutherland(non-registered)
Hi -what a walk! I was up in those parts last year and can imagine it all so easily.
Looking forward to doing "BeStill" with you. I live down on the South coast of England. I think we may be the only two Brits- but I for one, love the opportunity of meeting folk from all over the world.
Wish I could journey there. This spot is stunning.
I would definitely holiday there :) Fabulous place to explore. I sure hope you feel much better soon. Yes, the Carbon Fiber Tripod is so worth it. I have a regular Manfrotto Tripod, what a pain to carry so I got the Carbon Fiber for exploring. So much better. I wouldn't carry either for a really long hike though, too annoying.
Viv Halliwell(non-registered)
Glorious shots Helen the cloud formations are wonderful..... And the siilhouetted rookery just my sort of shot....
Glad you are feeling better Helen, what a wonderful landscape, great pictures
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