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September 13, 2014  •  3 Comments

Every now and again I stumble across a place that feeds my soul. It doesn't happen very often but perhaps that makes the pleasure more intense. 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire Salts Mill is sandwiched between a canal...

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire …and the railway. 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

Saltaire in West Yorkshire was named after Titus Salt who built the textile mill and surrounding village for his workers in the mid 1800s. Such is the historical importance that the area has been designated a World Heritage Site. The village is worth a blog post of it's own and so I'll leave that for another day.

Where to start with the renovated Salts Mill? A peek through the door reveals a spacious gallery displaying works of art by Yorkshire man David Hockney. My great aunt was a fellow student at the Royal College of Art in London. She hallucinated about those bohemian days in the final weeks of her life. With a part of the inheritance I received, I rekindled my love of photography. I sort of feel a connection here. 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire Amongst the works of art were scattered displays of tempting books and quality art supplies. 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire Of course the collection of photography books was particularly tempting and  I couldn't resist! 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire On a higher floor I came across a beautiful book shop. It had a spacious and uncluttered feel to it. The displays sat comfortably alongside original features.

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

And just when I thought my day couldn't get any better when I happened upon a vintage emporium!


Throughout the mill I was constantly drawn to the windows. I imagined the generations of mill workers looking out over the same view. Perhaps then the windows would've been caked in grime and dust. Let's not deny the working conditions were harsh. Nevertheless, the view over the buildings and to  the moorlands beyond remains timeless.

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire As I sat contemplating with a cuppa I noticed that vast areas of the site remained in a state of decay. Of course I had to take a closer look.

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire I headed out though the battered old door... 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

...and round to the rear of the building which was deserted and perhaps not so attractive to most tourists. But I enjoy observing the contrasts and so I explored further down the alleyway. 

photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

My inquisitive nature was rewarded. And I'm saving my favourite photo until last. What do you think? photo at Salts Mill Saltaire Yorkshire

I hope you enjoyed my visit to Salts Mill in Saltaire. I feel I've only scratched the surface. I sometimes worry that more detail is needed.  I'm not sure. But I am sure that I will certainly return here.

If you've been out and about with your camera I'd love you to join with my link up. Blog post, Flickr, Instagram photo - all welcome.

Salts Mill is free to visit - further details are here.









What a variety of sights you found! I can't decide what part I like best!
This was a very interesting walk. I was surprised by the first photo, at how much your mill looked like one here in Maine that I lived in for a few years. It had been converted to condominiums. I suppose that's not so surprising, since they were probably built during the same era. I love the textures you've captured, especially in the decaying section. That's the part I'd have wanted to explore, too, though I'd have had a hard time leaving the bookstore!
I loved the bookshop so many great titles did you see the apothecary bottles at the end of the room so wonderful. Love your images especially the train...
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