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Janet's Foss and the Money Trees

June 06, 2015  •  4 Comments

Sometimes you see an intriguing sign and you just have to follow it... 

Curiosity got the better of me and so over towards Janets Foss I headed. The path lies on the edge of the village of Malham in Yorkshire. I'd stayed overnight at Beck Hall - a quaint and very old B&B standing alongside the babbling beck and so set off early before the crowds arrived. The substantial full English breakfast - minus the black pudding - had fuelled me ready for walking. 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

This is a shallow crossing point for cattle. The presence of water hints at what lies further up stream. 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

The neat path leads through kissing gates and  alongside farmland with grazing sheep. A couple of lambs with their mother eyed me suspiciously. I noticed that the sheep here are bolder than the timid ones closer to home. Clearly they've ignored the sign on the gate though. 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

Farm outbuildings are perfect for capturing grunge and rough rustic.  A group of passers-by seemed bemused by me photographing a rusty old trough. 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

I spotted a family of camera-shy baby rabbits hopping in and out of the stone barn. 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

The ground here was lower than my visit to the sole tree from my previous post. But even on the  lower levels you witness the harshness of the environment as weather-beaten trees bow and strain against the biting cold winds.

This trio of trees clinging to the edge of the ridge caught my eye. This was a stark contrast to what was to come further along the pathway.

photo of farmland on the way to Janets Foss near  Malham in Yorkshire, England

A few strides further and I came across the National Trust sign for the Malham Tarn Estate and the scenery changed dramatically.  An enchanted wood  beckoned.

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

The verdant woodland was striking. Green - so very green and fresh. The scent from the lush carpet of wild garlic wafted across the valley.

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

I caught a glint of metal on a fallen tree trunk. I took a closer look and saw that the bark was covered in coins which had been hammered into the tree trunk. Row upon row upon row of coins. I glanced further along the river bank and spotted more. These were tree versions of lucky wishing wells. You shove a coin in the tree and make a wish.

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

Even the solitary bees have their own bee book nests high up in the ash trees. They form part of a bee library - you can read more about them here.

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

In the distance I spotted a wall of water and quickened my step. Was Janet waiting for me with a cuppa? 

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

Ahh,  and  so this is Janet's Foss - a small but perfectly formed waterfall.  Janet - or Jennet as she's sometimes known - Queen of the Fairies lived in a cave behind the water. So goes the local legend. 

A place to be still...

A place to sit on the rocks and clear your head of incessant chatter.

There's something very soothing about running water.

photos on walk to Jant's Foss Malham Yorkshire

At locations like this I regret not carrying along my tripod. I find it difficult to get a comfortable balance of weight when out walking and I find that my sturdy Manfrotto tripod can be cumbersome. I can be clumsy and have been known to trip over them...


Ps The tripod issue has been playing on my mind of late. I returned home and bought a new travel tripod - the Manfrotto Befree! I've not yet managed to get out and about with it but I'll let you know how I get on with it! 

I'm currently working on a new website - just a few small ( I hope) issues to resolve and then I'll be ready to launch. This one, I feel, is growing old and creaky. I find the Blog side of it increasingly difficult to use and especially as this is something I really enjoy I've decided to jump ship to Squarespace.  I hope this will be an improved and easier platform for blogging. 




Fabulous walk. I love seeing your countryside, and the differences from where I live. Tripod always a challenge. I bring mine every vacation and never take it out of the back of the car. It would be better if I was alone, a tripod just means holding everyone up.
What a lovely walk! Wish I'd been there with you to smell the scents and listen to the water, but the scenery is wonderful just the same.
Carry on, Carry on. And love to you.
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Was it tempting to jump in for a wee dip once you arrived for tea with Janet? So very hot here today. I walked rather early with my dog as it'll be unbearable later. Lovely photos. I am so excited for you to be setting up a new blog site and I look forward to seeing what unfolds.
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