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March 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

A walk along the coast path is one of my favourite activities to de-stress.  I like to settle myself onto a weather-beaten wooden bench and gaze out to sea. This is often my time to contemplate. Lately I've been thinking of those creative souls who dig deep and create from a place of distress. Often when I'm feeling under stress or off-colour I withdraw into myself and my creativity suffers.  I'm gradually learning to create more from the heart in good times and bad. I'm a firm believer that photography can be very therapeutic. The coming months, I think, may be a test of this. 



In the more immediate future I'm looking forward once again to participating in photographer Henry Lohmeyer's e-course "Heard' - the emphasis will be on listening to our photographs. The start date is 28th March - check it out on thehereco website. His courses are always thought-provoking and moving.  I intend to post some of my work here. 


I completely understand withdrawing into yourself during times of stress. Good for you to take another Henry class.
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