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Side Streets of Barcelona

May 23, 2016  •  3 Comments


Capturing the streets in the city early mornings excites me. The street cleaners have washed away the grime of the previous day. The tourists are still leisurely eating breakfast in the nearby boutique hotels. Perhaps it's that I like being present in the city but I don't like the crowds. I contemplate purposefully seeking solitude in the city. 

Photo taken on the side streets of Barcelona

This is Barcelona. The side streets. The first of a series exploring the side streets of cities. 


Yay for you to be back here in this space. I miss your adventures, because I always feel a sisterhood with you in them. I am with you - early mornings, before the people emerge, the best time of day.
Looking forward to seeing it through your eyes.
First, Helen, I LOVE this blog layout and I see you are using Zenfolio. Nice layout and easy to read.

I really love your photo and the strong black and white contrasts. I feel that way about the city life too. You've captured great view. (I wish our city would clean up the grime from the day before...haven't seen a street washer in years!!)
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