A Flash of Inspiration | About

Although I've lived here most of my life I know that there is still much to discover about the north of Britain.

In one direction are the northern industrial mill towns surrounded by stark moorland... the opposite direction takes me to lush green rolling countryside. In between is a mix of urban decay and contrasting contemporary regeneration. The area is incredibly rich in history and beauty.

I'm grateful to live in such a diverse area. At times though this confuses me. I bounce betweens extremes of feeling the need to seek solitude high up on a wind-swept hill top and wanting to immerse myself amongst the chaos the city. Sometimes, especially in the winter months, I only see the world in monochrome. 

I share my journey of discovery through my photos. Along the way I'm always on the look-out for interesting and unusual textures to feed my creativity.  Curious by nature, I seek out abstract, simplicity, small detail, interesting light and shadow. Often there's a subtle underlying theme of solitude - sometimes verging on loneliness - and man's insignificance on earth. 

When I'm not out and about exploring with my camera, I love to shoot close-ups in my garden - I especially enjoy creating artistry pieces from these and usually incorporate textures I've captured from city and countryside. 

Although a Canon dslr girl, I'm increasingly shooting with my beautiful Fuji X100t. I love the challenge of framing with a fixed lens. And my iPhone - that has a place too in my creative life. 

So... as you can see I'm a person of contradictions and this is how I choose to live my creative life. 

Helen x.