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Meeting Wet Nelly

October 18, 2014  •  2 Comments

A minute by car beyond the hustle and bustle of Liverpool John Lennon Airport (as I mentioned last week in Reflections of Liverpool - The Beatle connection is indeed everywhere in this neighbourhood!), nestles a tudor surprise set amongst green fields and dense woodland. 

Speke Hall is an impressive timber-framed tudor manor house and dates way back to 1598. There are so many of these tudor buildings dotted around the country that I think we tend to take them for granted. 

I ducked under the little doorway into a fascinating world of rich oak panelling and ornate decoration - a mix of tudor structure and Victorian arts and crafts. 

I took my photos with my iPhone and I was impressed how generally it coped well with the darkness without too much grain.

In the times before electricity the rooms would've been lit by flickering candlelight and I imagine it could've been quite spooky after dusk -  especially with all the creaking wood! The sun shining through the stained glass created splashes of vivid colour.

The portrait with strange proportions caught my eye as he looked down on the suit of armour in The Great Hall. 

The book titles amused me too … especially 'Domestic Manners and Sentiments'!

The way the light fell through the multi-paned windows on to the wood created interesting patterns. I photograph the light and shade to blend with my photo-art creations. 

The ornate carved panels behind the beds and tapestries adorning the walls had been rescued from local churches following The Reformation. Isn't this an impressive cradle? And I spotted a chamber pot under the bed! The toilets would've been emptied out into the surrounding moat outside! 

A long line of polished copper pans in the kitchen were all engraved with Speke Hall and offered a glimpse of the leaded windows in the kitchen.  

A set of bells lined a corridor in the Servants' Quarters. Each bell was connected to a room in the hall and tinkled when service was demanded. Although I've never watched Downton Abbey, this was how I imagine 'downstairs' to be. 

I couldn't leave Liverpool without sampling traditional Scouse and a pudding of Wet Nelly! The scouse was a mixture of meat, carrot, potato and thick gravy - in days gone by this would've been a thrifty recipe with cheap cuts of meat and vegetables. The Wet Nelly was a sort of bread pudding and very moist and heavy! I found a recipe here

{"DeviceAngle":-0.03291213} A quick detour to the edge of the estate revealed how close the airport runway lay! 

This is and example how I like to use my photos of light and shade. This is the leaded window light on the stone floor in The Great Hall. I think the vivid colour is  perhaps a reaction to the dark interiors of my visit! 

I hope you enjoyed my Weekend Walk around Speke Hall on the outskirts of Liverpool. If you've been out with your camera I'd love to see where you've been - please feel free to leave a link in the comments box.

Take care and have a great week! I have a busy week ahead - I've a trip planned to Bakewell  in Derbyshire - home of the famous Bakewell Tart (as in pudding!) 



Diana Foster(non-registered)
Wow, what a beautiful place.
The bells - perfect Downton Abbey likeness. I love the reflection of the windows in the copper pans.
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