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As Mad as A March Hare

March 08, 2014  •  5 Comments

I was intrigued to hear that close to where I live was an area noted for boxing hares during March. Now wouldn't that make an striking photo? This strange behaviour takes place during the mating season in March - and hence the old English idiom "As mad as a march hare"! And I've known a few!  I climbed up to Lyme Cage - a hunting lodge dating back to the 1700s but sadly didn't spot any. Perhaps it was the wrong time of day. 

The history of this vast estate and deer park here has been traced back to the 1300s. I wonder who has walked here before me over the centuries .  I spotted a dry stone wall being skillfully repaired. Perhaps the hares had spotted them too!

The main building on the estate is Lyme Hall. Way back this was a very grand home. Imagine the horses and carriages passing through the gateway and trotting along the circular driveway. 

Past meets present! These characters were about to welcome a party of school children to the hall.

Such old detail on the gatehouse. A gatekeeper would've been on duty here. 

An archway leads into the courtyard.

Everywhere is rich buff sandstone detail and wrought ironwork. 

Coins are dropped into the old well to attract good luck.

Plenty of interesting little niches. The architect was Italian.

I spotted a selection of hats through a window. There's a dressing-up wardrobe here for visitors to the hall to step back in time. 

Alongside the old hall is the Orangery. One of the rare camellia  plants here is over 175 years old. I wouldn't wish to be responsible for keeping it alive!

Inside was unusual selection of exotic plants. Not much colour at this time of year but a good selection of interesting shapes and textures. 

Even the drainage features were elaborate.

The plants had been cut back to reveal the textured walls.

Vintage RustVintage RustFine colours and textures. The fountain needed a good clean! 

A wrought iron gate lead into a sheltered formal walled garden with symmetrical beds of traditional English scented roses.

I could imagine on a sunny day taking afternoon tea and scones under the arbour.

I think by now you can perhaps picture the grandeur of Lyme Park?  So very sophisticated and formal. 

But, hey, wait a moment…. what on earth is that looming in the lake?!!!   I took a closer look. It was surreal. Very surreal indeed. So out of place… Well what can I say? A man in a wet white flouncy shirt emerging from the lake.

Such a peaceful place. Mother nature has certainly graced this park. But oh that statue was playing on my mind!

So here he is!! It's Mr Darcy… aka Colin Firth from the 1995 BBC production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice!! I'm sure if you ever viewed the scene it would be firmly etched in your memory! The exterior of the hall was filmed as Pemberley. 

Oh dear. Oh dear. This statue has been likened to Bobby Ewing, Frankenstein, a fairground attraction … what do you think? It's not exactly fitting to the area is it?! What were they thinking?!

I hope you enjoyed my visit in search of hares and instead ending up with the quirky Mr Darcy! 

Spring is definitely in the air here and oh it feels so good! Blue sky would've been welcome but at least it wasn't raining. I encourage you to get out with your camera and breath in the fresh air!

I'd love you to join me with your outings. The general idea is to add the link to your page using the tool below and also to mention my page in your post and link it back to here. If you've never done this before then why not give it a try - it's really easy to do! If you need any help then feel free to give me a shout! 

Happy shooting!






What a glorious place to visit. Yeah, not so much for the guy in the pond. Very oddly placed.
I love this house it looks so interesting. Another one to add to the list. Poor Colin Firth he is never going to forget Mr Darcy !
So interesting, and so well photographed. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love Mr. Darcy's home. And I want to wear a hat and carry perhaps a parasol.
Bobby Ewing! Oh yes that is definitely who he looks like!
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear indeed. That is the most unfortunate statue. I love the idea and understand why they would consider it. However it's just wrong. He looks ... well... dead. Ouch. Quite cringeworthy really.
Thanks for yet another wonderful walk through your part of the world. May you see hares on your next visit!
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