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Bow Stones

April 04, 2014  •  4 Comments

The Bowstones

"Two shafts of late Saxon crosses which were probably landmarks or boundary stones as well as objects of devotion."

I've been coming here since I was a little girl. Many people pass by the bowstones without giving them a further glance. These enigmatic stones are  tucked away, almost hidden on the side of an ancient track beside a remote farmhouse. 

The landscape here is the main attraction. It's windswept and constantly changing with the light - one minute misty and the next blue skies. This is my favourite tree - as a youngster from by bedroom window I could see it miles away on the horizon. As a 21 year old I photographed it with my first SLR camera. My dad gave me lessons. I think if here were still alive today we'd still be photographing around here often together. He would've made a great photo-buddy. 

Paths lead off in all directions.

The track down into the valley leads to Lyme Park and Hall … and the lake. Further along is Lyme Cage. All have featured in my Weekend Walks over the last few weeks. Red and fallow deer roam here, and so do hares but I still haven't spotted any! This weekend I felt the need to avoid the crowds, and ..dare I say… the teashop!

I took part of the route along the prominent ridge known as the Gritstone Trail. The views to either side over the Cheshire Plains and Peak District are breathtaking and the air is fresh.

I paused along the way to capture the weathered detail. 

Weary feet in hiking boots have worn away the wooden stile over the years.

Dry-stone walls criss-cross the landscape. I spotted an inquisitive  baby stoat scampering along the wall but it was too fast for me to capture!

I made an effort to bring my tripod along with the intention of capturing sharp well-exposed landscapes. My patient husband kindly volunteered to carry it. However, I enjoy taking in my surroundings at a slower pace and I'm always always left behind. So the tripod never left the backpack! 

This network of tracks has been established for many decades. It's a paradise for walkers in all seasons. I enjoy visiting when there's a light sprinkling of snow in the winter. 

I love the feeling of solitude up here...

… only interrupted by the occasional group of friendly walkers!

I hope you imagined breathing in the lovely fresh air up here! I made a mental note to return one evening in the summer. Perhaps bring a picnic and watch the setting sun. Mustn't forget the tripod!

I'd love you to show me where you've been with your camera. It's so easy to link up using the button below Please remember to mention my page in your own post. 

Have a lovely week and thank you for visiting!



Wish I could be at this lovely location.
Viv Halliwell(non-registered)
Thanks for showing this wonderful walk I would so love to be your photo buddy !
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Oh how you inspire me, yet again, to just get out! Thank you. Nothing is more evocative than that foot worn wooden stile. Wow.
What a beautiful landscape! I love the sense of vast, open space, big sky, and solitude.
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