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April 26, 2014  •  3 Comments

"I was hard at work beneath the cliff… In short, as absorbed as I was, I didn't see a huge wave coming; it threw me against the cliff and I was tossed about. My immediate thought was that I was done for.. the palette which I had kept a grip on had been knocked over my face and my beard was covered in blue, yellow etc… the worst of it was that I lost my painting which was very soon broken up… everything was torn to shreds by the sea"

Claude Monet

Recent storms battered the coast of Britain. Even when they die down the danger remains. The coastline, it seems, is forever changing.


photos of beach

Unusually the storms shifted sand from further along the coast and deposited it on the pebbles! 

photos of beach So serene when the sea is flat. But the power of the sea still frightens me.I was once the victim of a freak wave in Turkey - I banged my head and my bikini top flew off - but that's a story for another day!  I prefer to be by the water but not on it. I wasn't blessed with great sea legs! 

photos of beach

This battered boat has clearly suffered! photos of beach I went in search of grunge and texture...

photos of beach

…and found an abundance of delightful rust amongst the sea defences. 

photos of beach Beaches for me, are forever changing treasure troves. With each turn of the tide new 'finds' are waiting to be discovered along the shoreline. 

photos of beach The ruined castle has clung onto this headland and survived the elements since the 1200s.

photos of beach Even the little family of shells looks deceptively sheltered in the sunshine.

photos of beach Attractive beach huts owned by the National Trust further along the coast have been given a fresh lick of paint ready for the short summer season. Originally in days gone by, rows of canvas tents stood here. 

photos of beach There's something about beach huts that always draws the eye of the photographer. And I wonder who decides the order of the colours? And is there perhaps a beach hut paint colour chart? 

photos of beach I love the feel of sand and water between my toes. 

photos of beach

And I couldn't leave without capturing the joy of three generations skimming pebbles. Oh this takes me back to my childhood - spending hours searching for the perfect skimming stone and trying to beat my personal record of 'bounces'!  photos of beach

Hope you enjoyed my beach oberservations! 


Ps - ok so I couldn't resist Googling beach hut paint and my goodness there is so much information out there and indeed whoever thought it could be so controversial! Check out this link down on the south coast!  I agree with the old bloke - it's truly bonkers!

There's a link up below if you'd like to join me!




Kelly McKenzie(non-registered)
Oh you had me with the beach huts shot. Love them!
Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
Hi Helen,
I have missed 'traveling' with you. I'm with you about sea legs (I never could do swings or merry-go-rounds, and boats/ships are way worse...even slightly swaying small bridges) so I prefer the water's edge to the depths of the sea. As always, I love your discoveries, especially the grungy ones!

Love love the beach huts the ones in Lyme Regis are pastel shades a bit like sugared almonds. I too am fascinated by the sea I could watch it for hours...
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