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In A Vase on Monday - Bluebells

May 05, 2014  •  9 Comments

Nature gets into our souls and opens doors to hidden parts of ourselves.

Pamela Heyda

My recent sighting of the carpet of bluebells on my Weekend Walk down Happy Valley reminded me that the bluebells in my back garden are fading quickly and that I hadn't captured their beauty this spring. Many stems were battered down by recent heavy rainfall. And it doesn't help that my cat Lily likes to lie amidst them! 

As I delved into the flowerbeds, I noticed this year that my traditional common bluebells are being overrun by the more robust European variety which is threatening to take over the native variety here in the UK. I gathered a large handful to put together an informal wild and colourful display.

I processed my photos with a vintage camera filter in Analog Efex Pro. I don't often add borders but I like how the white edges blend in with the background on my blog to create shabby irregular edges.

The vase is an old Kilner jar I found in the garage. I bought a number of these with good intentions of making chutneys and jams but I never quite got around to it! I much prefer to fill them with flowers and I especially like to see the tangle of green stems distorted through the glass.

To me bluebells have such a traditional feel to them and evoke happy memories. My grandma had a lush carpet of bluebells under her old apple tree - as a child, this was a magical place to explore in spring.

I like to pause and take time to explore flowers close-up. The detail fascinates me. 

Did you know that in days gone by, bluebell extract was used as a glue to attach feathers to arrows and to bind the pages of books together?

Today I'm excited to share two beautiful blogs. I'm linking up with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her feature In A Vase On Monday. I discovered this blog via Julie at Peonies and Posies. Both are full of inspiration and well worth a visit.


I especially love your "shabby" image Helen...it just looks so natural and like a wild flower bouquet. The close up shots are stunning, and lovely to see the sweet details of the petals. I'm waiting for mine to bloom - may be a while.
Beautiful bluebells. We don't have any of those here in Holland. Or maybe I am not looking for them. Love the jar. Jams seem wonderful to make, but when it is the season to do it I am always so busy with other things.
Kris P(non-registered)
My bluebells (H. hispanica) are already long gone and I don't think they were ever quite so pretty as those you've shown.
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Heading outside this minute to bring some of my bluebells inside. Thank you Helen. Once again you are nudging me in different directions.
Your charming vase of bluebells is so pretty. Had no idea these flowers were used for glue. susie
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