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Gawsworth and a Greyhound Birthday Party

June 28, 2014  •  5 Comments

Armed with just my camera and picnic rug, the plan was to take a leisurely stroll around around the grounds of Gawsworth Hall in Cheshire and sit on the lawn by the lake and do absolutely nothing but gaze at the water lilies and recharge my batteries. A lazy warm sunny Sunday in a peaceful location. Except I hadn't reckoned on the 10th Birthday Celebration of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity! 

Much as though I enjoyed the company of the most adorable dogs, I yearned for tranquility. So I took a detour and made my way around the back of the old hall. Oh my! 

This location oozes old tradition and charm. 

The formal rose garden was totally deserted. I had nobody getting in my way and no photo bombers!! 

Gawsworth Hall is an ancient Cheshire manor house and dates way back to 1480.

Rambling old roses adorn the traditional  black and white timber frame. 

I slowly strolled around the pretty formal gardens seeking out the detail.

The stone bench is inscribed with King George V's silver jubilee message of 1935. 
I spotted this grungy light hanging by the doorway...

… and an impressive door knocker!

I headed over the nearby St James' Church.  I love how the gravestones overhang the edge. The sandstone church dates back to the 15th century. Sometimes I feel we take for granted the wealth of historical buildings in England. Inside lies the tomb of Mary Fitton - supposedly Shakespeare's lover.  It would seem he wasn't her only love interest and she became pregnant by a rival lover and ended up being imprisoned for a while in the Tower of London! And so she stars as the Dark Lady of Shakespeare's Sonnets!

The base of this cross dates back to the 15th or 16th century. The wooden cross is a later addition. 

The graveyard is crammed with of all sorts of interesting old graves and stonework.  On my way out I stopped to view the unusual Scull and Crossbones on the gate. I mentioned these last year on a previous visit - I find them so intriguing and I've never yet  discovered their significance except to learn that there are a few similar mysterious examples in other English churchyards. 

Well, I couldn't leave without checking out the tea room could I?! And spot the greyhound!

Hope you enjoyed my Weekend Walk visit to Gawsworth in Cheshire! 

If you've been out and about with your camera please feel free to add a link below...






Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
Beautiful photos...I love your vision.

The age of those buildings just amazes me, when our whole country was only started in 1770ish. The tombstones, the old churches super amazing!
Another great Tudor house this one is memorable. I too wonder about the skulls i see so many of them....
Wonderful post Helen! I will look you up when (not if) I am ever in the UK. I imagine you to be the best guide. Plus, it seems we love the same things! Thanks for sharing!
This is one of my favorite of your weekend walks to date! What a beautiful place, with all its black and white timber framing and lead-paned windows and immaculate landscaping - it's just gorgeous. So glad I got to visit there today through your post.
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