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Delayed by Le Tour de Yorkshire

July 05, 2014  •  4 Comments

My plans for today - including this blog post - were unexpectedly scuppered when I became engrossed in Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in England. Confusing, I agree! The first few stages of the great cycle race are being held in England, more precisely the first two in beautiful Yorkshire - one of my favourite places. So I sat on the sofa to watch on TV and didn't move for hours. The sun was shining and the scenery spectacular. I recognised so many places along the route. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ventured 'up north' to officially open the event… and, as the commentator noted, Prince Harry 'tagged along' too!  Anyway, I got 'nowt' done for most of the day!

So around 8.oopm I felt the need to get out of the house. I headed up to Bow Stones - a short drive from here. The light changed constantly as the sun darted behind the clouds.

photo of bow stones

The cloud formations caught my eye and of course one of my favourite subjects - barbed-wire.

photo of bow stones This is the very edge of Lyme Park - you may recall the place where Mr Darcy emerged from the Lake! The old dry-stone walls enclose the deer which roam the parkland. I like how the gate on the right has been adapted with a little swinging panel for dogs to pass through!

photo of bow stones Taken from a different angle than usual, the tree here is my favourite featured before in my blog. I prefer to see the bare bones of it in winter - it has more character.

photo of bow stones I crouched down in the grassy verge to take this from low down. I swear I heard a hissing noise and so I leapt up very very quickly! I can't say I've ever seen a dreaded s***e here - in reality it can be very cold - but you just never know!

photo of bow stones After a good half hour the light suddenly changed dramatically. The photographer's golden hour had arrived. You can see a distinct difference compared to the photos above.

photo of bow stones

The peaks in the distance glowed.

photo of bow stones It was so peaceful - not a person in sight for miles and miles. My husband suggested that everyone was watching the football World Cup. I took this as a hint that he felt he was missing out! I don't think he appreciated the golden light! 

photo of bow stones

The city of Manchester lies lower down in the far distance - about ten miles away.

photo of bow stones From the ridge here the view stretches out for miles and miles across Cheshire and Lancahsire.

photo of bow stones And so we headed home.

photo of bow stones

I hope you enjoyed my evening walk. It was good to eventually get out into the fresh air!


And as I type this my husband is shouting loudly at the referee!! And I'm wondering if I can justify watching Stage Two of LeTour tomorrow - I feel I will!!  Have you been watching the football, or like me, do you prefer the cycling? I'm so looking forward to watching the race across France.

If you've been out and about with your camera, please feel free to link up with me using the linky thingy below.





Cindy Swainson(non-registered)
Helen, I love visiting your neck of the woods with you. These are beautiful scenes...and the Golden Hour makes all the difference. Husbands can be good on these outings: they force you to be decisive and not to over-think things. At least that is the way I choose to think about it. We did a hike last week, and I brought along my Canon for just this purpose. Will be linking up soon...

What beautiful countryside! I always enjoy sharing your walks with you so much! I'm glad "we" got off the couch to go on this one. :-)
Lovely views and that golden hour - divine! We have been watching both. The Irish Pub we were at last night for supper had the world cup on a big screen out on the patio. Pretty funny how excited people were watching it since the U.S. isn't even in it anymore.
Kelly L McKenzie(non-registered)
Once again I am gobsmacked. What a lovely part of the world you live in Helen. Your pictures are lovely. I smiled at your reference to the dreaded s***e - my family calls them rubber chickens as my mom can't even hear the word. The "nowt" usage also conjured up a smile as it reminds me of the wonders of James Herriot. As for soccer - well my son is watching it constantly and yes, yelling at the refs as well. I had absolutely no idea that The Tour de France began in England. Wow - silly me. Enjoy your viewing of it. I am shadowing my daughter today as she practices for her own upcoming cycling race - a much, much smaller event but important to her none the same!
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