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A Blue and Grey Day

August 16, 2014  •  3 Comments

This, I think, will be my last post for a while on beautiful Cornwall. I've missed photographing northern industrial grunge and grime and so I've planned an extra-special trip this coming week. The weather forecast is not good. But come rain or shine I'll be out with my camera. A trip just for me. If all goes to plan I'll be reporting back next week - so keep a look out!

Earlier this year, 200 foot high waves from the Atlantic Ocean battered the cliffs here at Sennen Cove. A few months later and this is Cornwall on a perfect still day. Blue sky and a gentle warm breeze…. so blissful.  I put on my swimming cossi , went for a cooling dip …. and then from nowhere a cloud floated over me and the temperature dropped! From blue to grey in a matter of minutes. Just the excuse I needed to go for an explore.

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England

I love lifeboats - I inherited this from my dad - and a visit to the lifeboat station and slipways is always on my list of places to visit when I'm by the coast. I like to stock up on the charity Christmas cards and a diary for next year! I greatly admire the bravery of the RNLI volunteers who risk their lives to rescue those in danger at sea.  I remember at my first school we played on an old  boat - I can still remember the smells and textures of the weather-worn wood and ropes. We used to sneak into the school grounds in an evening and play on it whilst letting our imaginations run wild.  In my mind  in a former life it had been a life boat - thinking back I'm not sure if this was true or not but I like the idea and I'll stick with it! That was in the 1960s -  the "Health and Safety' officials these days wouldn't pass a rough old  boat as 'safe' to play on! 

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England


I don't have great sea legs but on land I like nothing better than to mooch around the boats seeking out the detail.

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England The rubber gloves with a surreal quality caught my eye! 

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England Alongside the beach stood an intriguing old round building clad in wood. 

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England Outside were rickety old signs and rusty old nautical bits and bobs. 

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England

This was The Roundhouse and Capstan Gallery. A peek through the window offered a tempting display of Cornish arts and crafts - an array of ceramics, paintings, jewellery and sculptures. I couldn't resist.  Photo at Sennen Cornwall England The headspace in the doorway was tight and inside it was a challenge not to bang my head on the low wooden beams. The building dates back to 1876 and used to house the gear to winch boats up and down the slipway. The original machinery came from a local tin mine similar to the mine I visited in my last post Tin And Arsenic. The lofty upper level was used as a net loft. It was here I spotted the blue and white vase I gifted to my friend Viv over at Thoughts from my Desktop.  - check out her fantastic photos!

Photo at Sennen Cornwall England

I hope you enjoyed my walk at Sennen Cove. I'm excited to be getting back to my more industrial roots - I do hope you'll join me the week after next. 

Are you heading out anywhere special this week?

I'd love you to join me with your walks via Instagram, your blog or Flickr- and so please use the Link up below. 

No Weekend Walk Blog post next week because it's a long holiday weekend here in the UK  - the link up will therefore be open for an extra week. 

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These are some great black and white shots. I've just found your blog and am enjoying your photos.
Helen, your photography is stunning! I love the black and whites especially for the buildings and other sites! Love the blue sky on the ocean! Hope you are doing well!
Oh that roundhouse is pure delight and then to have arts and crafts inside...perfect!
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