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Seeking Squirrels

August 30, 2014  •  9 Comments

Today I've been very indecisive. I felt so moved by my visit to the industrial World Heritage Site of Saltaire in Yorkshire that I felt my words in my planned post didn't truly express my thoughts. So I abandoned the post - I need more 'thinking time' and so I hope to offer it to you next week. And so over to Plan B...

I headed to Formby on the coast nestled between the city of Liverpool and the seaside resort of Southport. It was raining but the occasional hint of blue sky filled me with hope.  The path from the car park split off in two directions - one way to the woodland and the other over the sand dunes to the vast beach by the Irish Sea.

photo of Formby The woodland of pine trees in dappled sunshine at Formby point is one of my favourite places to take photos. The main attraction here is the Red Squirrel Reserve. 

photo of Formby The red squirrel is listed as an endangered species and so it's a treat to be able to see them in the woods. When I was younger dozens and dozens of red squirrels scampered along here and cheekily posed for photos or ate nuts from your hand. In 2008 a serious outbreak of squirrel pox almost wiped out the red squirrel population here. The numbers are supposedly recovering but in walking around here for the best part of half an hour I only spotted four in the distance. 


I'd almost given up hope of taking a photo of a red squirrel when this sweet little chap appeared and posed briefly not far from me. 

photo of Formby

Mission accomplished, I headed down the well-trodden track from the woodland to the beach. It was grey and drizzling with rain but not particularly cold. 


photo of Formby The sand dunes here are constantly moving - coastal erosion is an on-going problem. I spotted the patterns caused by the movement of wet on dry sand.

photo of Formby Within half an hour the clouds started to break up revealing a dramatic and beautiful coastline.

photo of Formby

This stretch of beach is well-known for sightings of prehistoric animal, bird and human footprints. These are not so historic! 

photo of Formby The cloud formations didn't disappoint. 

photo of Formby It was sad to see so many beautiful star fish lying dead on the beach and caught by the turning tide. 

photo of Formby

In the absence of a tea room, I had to make do with an ice-cream! 


And then down came the rain again!!   photo of Formby

British summer days can be so unpredictable! 

What do you think of my processing of the last photo taken on my iPhone? I can spend hours happily exploring the creative possibilities of apps. 

I hope you enjoyed my walk around Formby woods and beach whilst dodging the showers! I'd love to see where you've visited with your camera - please feel free to link up your Flickr, Instagram or blog posts below.

Have a great week and in the meantime I'll be thinking through my heritage post on Salts Mill! 





That sky is spectacular! Maybe we could ship you some of our red squirrels, we seem to have an overpopulation. Ice is YUM! and I love the process of you with the iPhone apps.
P.s. I LOVE the app processed photo!!
Your walk-about was so nice. I'm intrigued with squirrel colors. We have brown and in northern Michigan there are black one and they are very fast! The photo of the gorgeous sky and clouds is fantastic! I enjoyed seeing your walk.
What a fabulous beach Helen and a Red Squirrel too ! No walk for me this week a bit tired after my Shrewsbury exploits . London on Wednesday so hopefully a post next Sunday .
Helen, these are wonderful! The red squirrel is adorable. I'm happy their numbers are on the rise. And your beach photos are great. We have starfish dying here, as well. So sad. I wish to one day share an ice cream with you there!
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