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So Where's the Sea?

September 20, 2014  •  3 Comments

There's a certain sadness about a once majestic seaside town in decline. I felt Southport fell into this category. But I'd heard through the grapevine that millions of pounds had been invested in the town in recent years and that the seafront had been rejuvenated and the pier restored and  reopened. So I made a detour on my way back from my trip of seeking squirrels.

Now I do like an old pier with interesting iron work and uneven characterful decking. The pier which was opened in 1860 is one of the oldest in the UK. Way back then Southport was seen as a refined place to visit. Apparently Napoleon III  lived here briefly whilst in exile. Anyway, back to the pier. Well it's long…and dare I say, apart from the fancy lighting,  a little characterless. But piers make for relaxing places to stroll. 

photo at Southport

As usual I was left behind as I scanned the edges looking for detail.

photo at Southport Dotted along the deck lay hundreds of plaques dedicated to various clubs, local businesses and, I imagine, memorials to holidaymakers - each plaque represented a financial donation to the pier funds. 

photo at Southport A quaint tram car 'The Promenade Express'  trundled  from one end of the pier to the other. 

photo at Southport I used to love travelling on these colourful little trains when I was a child. These days I'd rather spend my pennies on a stick or two of striped rock or perhaps a bag of sugared donuts!

photo at Southport I spotted the driver's mug in the rear compartment. 

photo at Southport Now, remember that we're at a seaside resort - Southport lies by the Irish Sea. Quite honestly I've been visiting here for the best part of five decades and I don't recall ever seeing the sea here. The sand goes on and on and on. It puzzles me. 

photo at Southport Barnacle-covered undersides of piers make interesting subjects to photograph. I wouldn't risk venturing down here though.  It never fails to amaze me that visitors ignore the warnings and risk being sucked under in the quicksand.  Dozens are rescued each holiday season. Can you spot the "beach bum"? lol. 

photo at Southport Closer to the land I spotted donkeys. In the resort of Blackpool across the bay, the donkeys have recently had credit card-readers attached to their saddles. Now that's surely a sign of moving towards a cashless society!

photo at Southport My last photo is a sort of selfie from the pier ! Or shadowie perhaps? 

photo at Southport

Did you enjoy my stroll down the pier?  I love taking in the sea air….even if the sea is missing! 

I'll definitely be returning to Southport sooner rather than later. It's heartwarming to see investment in our glorious traditional seaside resorts. 

If you've been out with your camera I'd love you to link up with me below - either with your blog, flickr photo or Instagram photos. And I challenge you to shoot a creative shadowie this week!! 


Enjoy your week! 

PS Photos this week processed with Radlab Pool Party. 





Helen that so reminds me of Weston Super Mare ! The tide is so far out sometimes you need binoculars although Southport looks prettier more sand and less mud ! Love the heart selfie...
Such great photo's and storytelling...I feel like I was there...I must admit I have never seen a seaport without the sea...but the sand sure looked nice..
It does look like a lovely place to take a walk and good exercise also..
Thanks for sharing.
I LOVE your shadow selfie!
On a trip to England some years ago (1999) I visited Skegness and was surprised at how far out the water was. I just assumed it was a shallow beach and the tide was out. Maybe not? There were donkey rides there, too, not something you'll find on American beaches. They were only 80p - I made a note on my photo at the time. I guess there's been a bit of inflation since then.
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