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I'm Still Around!

August 26, 2015  •  7 Comments

I know, I know... it's been a while since I last posted on my blog. I had hoped to have my new site in place by now - the plan was to get it live on summer solstice but it didn't happen. I've had issues with the hosts of my domain name giving me false information on transferring my name, email addresses not working, the 'email by subscription' set up has had me tearing my hair out and the galleries on my new site not displaying as I'd hoped. I wanted to set up two blogs on the one site and that turned out to be a nightmare and out of frustration I ended up setting up a 2nd site. So now I have double trouble!! Two sites and neither up and running! Deep breath...

So here I am still on my old site which is painfully slow and creaking when I add to it. Although I'm a great believer in beauty in imperfection, when it comes to tech stuff it has to be right - I don't want to launch a glitchy new website or two! 

The longer I leave posting here the more disheartened I feel. So I thought it was time for a brief update. Creatively it's been a wonderful summer. I've been photographing more than ever. The creative passion is burning more intensely than ever. Additionally I've been exploring photo artistry in more depth and immersed myself in a great community over on Instagram. I wanted to share a few of my favourites here.

A while ago I headed down to the south coast for a holiday. It fuelled me creatively. I have a dream that one day I'll live beside the sea. So here's my celebration of the coast.

I've always been drawn to capturing lone trees in wild and vast landscapes.  This has recently evolved into capturing lone figures. The light, sea spray  and lone figure all worked together perfectly here. Being in the right place at the right time. It just happened - I couldn't have planned the scene in advance.  It filled me with immediate joy. 

I've pondered the significance and place of man on our planet. This has influenced me to portray small figures set in vast land and seascapes and making use of plenty of negative space. I've enjoyed experimenting scale. 

I've reflected on solitude and loneliness, on man's vulnerability.

For those who choose to lead a more simple life I wonder does this give you inner peace and contentment? Or would you still be searching for that 'something'?

I couldn't post my favourites without including my friend and photo buddy Viv. To be able to share a common creative passion is priceless. I'm feeling the pull to explore and engage in creative collaboration. 

A lone bird too! I have common theme emerging! 

I spotted the wind-swept tree behind the historic Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island.

I recently came across the saying that the more you learn the easier it is to downsize and simplify. I think this is especially true with photography.  I've participated in dozens of workshops and creative classes.  Many of them I've never completed in full but the important thing is that  I've always taken something from them and my confidence has grown. Recently I felt the pull to simplify so I bought a fixed lens Fuji X100t camera. I'ver certainly not abandoned my Canon but in certain situations this little gem has brought me a new found freedom. I no longer get hung up about not having the right lens on my camera to suit the scene. My camera bag is no longer bulging with lenses, filters and all sorts of gadgetry.  I move my feet to frame my shot and dial in the settings manually. The small size is deceptive - this is not a point and shoot camera nor is it particularly easy to master. It has been a steep learning curve and my brain is working overtime! I think if you've used a film Slr then this camera is like stepping back to how it used to be.. but with the advantages that digital has to offer. The fujichrome setting produces beautiful deep colours.

The Fuji X100t is discreet and so for introverts like me it's perfect for capturing street scenes. Although I'd been increasingly using my iPhone for street photography I didn't find it particularly comfortable to use. Street photography is something I want to explore further over the next year and this is one of the mains reasons why I invested in the Fuji.

The camera performs particularly well in low light levels such as here on the beach as the sea mist rolled in and in! This, I recall, is ISO 100 with little obvious  grain apart from the sand! 

I know we Brits like to moan about the unpredictable weather but I've gradually come to embrace this. There is no point in having a camera and only bringing it out on bright days - it would gather too much dust in the drawer!  A few hours after I took this photo the sky was brilliant blue. 

Down the lane from our holiday home was the setting for a wetland nature reserve. The light here was ever changing. I think a combination of the reflections, grasses and the irregular shapes make this location particularly photogenic. 

And so to sit a while and contemplate. I wondered, as LS Lowry did, what if one day the sea rolled in and in and in...

Recently for me it has become clearer in my head that I'm especially drawn to exploring solitude, loneliness and simplicity. The coastal erosion and wild weather I witnessed drew me to question the power of nature and man's vulnerability . I'm heading over to Yorkshire next week and I'm looking forward to exploring these themes further. 

Ahhh ...I feel so much better for getting back to my blog. Thank you for not deserting me and I hope to get my new sites up and running very soon ( or at least one of them!) 

Have a peaceful week! 

Helen x 




I love your work. Your images are like paintings for me. Out of time.
OK we ll have to chat about canon / fuji. I am exactly in the same position. I love my canon but i find it very difficult to use when it comes to street photography. Even if i try to use my kids as fake models. .. It s a long organisation to take a street picture! Haha
can t wait your new site!
xx cathy
Especially love the first two images. Great to come visit.
Helen, it's good to "hear" your voice again here. I love these photos and your exploration of solitude and simplicity. As I scrolled down and read, I kept finding new favorite images: the monk, the seagull on the thatched roof, those last two of land and water. They speak to my own solitary, nature-loving heart.
You are really on the right track for "Helen"! I love what you are capturing now, and sharing the places you visit and spend time alone in. The feeling I get from you new "style" is peaceful. I'm so happy you love your new Fuji. Hope your new blogs come together nicely for you, soon.
I have seen a great evolution of your style this summer. Your truest self emerging? I love the idea of the small figure in the vast world. Keep up what you are doing, it suits you very well.
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