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From the Shadows of Winter

March 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

It hasn't been a particularly snowy winter and fresh frosty mornings have been few. What little snow we've had has melted away quickly. I look back on this last winter with memories of mainly grey days with low light and patches of drizzle.  As a photographer you are particularly aware, I think perhaps even extra sensitive, to light conditions. I'm also aware that the tone of my photography tends to be influenced by the seasons. This is not intentional -it just happens. My monochrome photos have been noticeably dominant over the last few months. This is most evident over on my Instagram stream. My world has lacked colour. I even began to question my ability to take colour photos... wondering whether I'd lost it. Perhaps it's simply hibernating and waiting to emerge alongside the new fresh growth of spring.

Much of my work is influenced greatly by the industrial backdrop of the north of England and the rich industrial heritage. I think industrial and monochrome go comfortably hand-in-hand. I've been working on this piece lately - it was inspired by a traction engine rally. I find that these events offer a rich source of creative inspiration with plenty of vintage objects and down-to-earth characters. The text is an excerpt from the work of Friedrich Engels "The Condition of the Working Class in England". I find his writing fascinating as it gives his insight into the harsh living conditions of working people in the north of England and especially around Manchester and the surrounding industrialised towns in the 1800s. You may recall my post Marx, Engels and Mrs Banks ?


Traction engine silhouette SteamTraction engine silhouette. Enhanced with industrial textures and industrial inspired text from Engels The Condition of the Working Class in England 1844.

Layered within are subtle elements from industrial heritage sites. 

I appreciate the changing seasons and the value each one brings to my creative work. And the greyness of winter heightens the anticipation of the arrival of spring. 

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on winter!


I love this image!
Sally Calligan(non-registered)
Dear Helen, Boy do I know the spot your are in. That is why we are now living in Florida. But here is the thing, there is nothing to photograph, nothing. I know how bad those Marches can be, worse than winter, because the gray is duller. Love to you. Your work is great. Sally
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