A Flash of Inspiration | BOTANICAL SQUARES

A selection of my favourite botanical squares now available simply as lovely quality prints.

I'm excited to include in this collection my Wabi Sabi Wedding Flowers from My project capturing the beauty of a fading wedding bouquet - the story is over on my blog. I love the simplicity of this collection.

I draw my inspiration from the beautiful desolate and windswept moorlands and dales of northern England. Weathered. Solitude. Simplicity.

I've selected reliable partner labs the UK and US to supply quality prints.
For delivery worldwide (excluding the United States and Canada): Shipping rates starts at £2.50. The actual shipping charges depend on the product and the quantity and will be calculated at the time of checkout.
For shipping within the United States and to Canada: Shipping rates start at 4.25USD to the US and 5.30USDD to Canada and various options are available.
Delivery charges are applicable at 1 May 2015 but may be subject to change.
Please email me info@a-flash-of-inspiration.com for any queries - as always I will do my best to reply quickly.

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